Our Story

Kids Scared. Monsters Under the Bed.  Sleepless Nights. These are all phrases Msgt. Benjamin Hemme heard from his fellow Airmen whose significant others were struggling to maintain normalacy at home while they were deployed.  While we tend to think often about the men and women fighting for our freedom, the struggles that loved ones at home, especially children encounter sometimes get overlooked.  This was quite evident by the number of children experiencing more bedtime fear than usual with Mommy or Daddy deployed.  Recognizing a need to support fellow men and women in uniform and children everywhere who suffer from bedtime fear, Goodbye Monsters was born!  

Msgt. Benjamin Hemme & his wife Susan have devoted their time to writing Goodbye Monsters and developing the Zimbobo plush "protector" toy who is the superhero in the story.  Goodbye Monsters serves the dual-purpose of ensuring children can sleep without fear, and service members can focus on their deployments with the knowledge that all is well at home.  While Goodbye Monsters was initially started because we wanted to help other military families, parents and children everywhere are falling in love and are getting some well-deserved sleep with Goodbye Monsters & Zimbobo. 


Children Everywhere Love Zimbobo!